Shinobi Village Re-released

Shinobi Village Re-released

A narrativist ensemble game about secret ninja drama on a long-forgotten island, written by Joe Jeskiewicz, Jonathan Walton & Tod Foley, with a resolution system based on “Rock-Paper-Scissors.” New re-release for 2022!

Shinobi Village was an entry in Paul Czege’s Threeforged RPG Design Challenge in 2015. The rules of the challenge involve random sets of three designers who work as anonymous baton-racing teams, handing off incomplete designs to unknown teammates, and all rushing to complete three playable games before deadline.

Stage 1 went to Joe Jeskiewicz, who came up with the initial concept for a “Ninja Clan Fishing Village.”

In Stage 2 Jonathan Walton developed the game, adding a brilliantly simple resolution system based on “Rock-Paper-Scissors” and turning it into a comedy-action-romance-anime series.

In Stage 3 I received the design. I worked out the details of the resolution system, added a set of Scene-Framing mechanics, and we were done.

Now cleaned up and laid out for a new 2022 edition!


In the late 23rd century, the planet Bogg was discovered quite by accident when a hypershunt failed to reach its intended destination and a group of 3,000 human colonists was stranded there without any means of returning to Earth – a planet they have long since forgotten.

Three millennia have passed since planetfall.

The intervening centuries were dark times during which the colonists and their descendants acquainted themselves with their surroundings generation after generation, learning to survive in this harsh setting, adapting to their surroundings, and eventually forgetting completely about their original home planet. The science and technology they brought with them has mostly been forgotten or destroyed. Their DNA has adapted to local conditions over time, and genetic drift has resulted in three distinct sub-races who share the planet with a variety of xeno-life forms, and remain entirely ignorant of their galactic history.

A far-flung world for your science fiction or alternity roleplaying sessions, suitable for one-shot adventures or extended campaigns, BOGG is the latest system-agnostic setting for science fiction RPGs from As If Productions.

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FRAGMENTS 1: Handjobs for Satan and Other Weird Tales

The latest release from As If Books! “Handjobs for Satan and Other Weird Tales” is the first book in Shawn Koch’s “Fragments” series of bizarro anthologies, and we’re proud to bring it to you!

Here’s the back cover blurb…

Existence is assailed by the horrors of Beyond.
Madness is the new Normal.

These are the first thirteen Fragments: Stories broken from the pillars of creation.

• Fans follow a dead rock star into a world of pure heavy metal
• A derelict space mall is attacked by a cult of cosmic clowns
• An artificially intelligent train plays host to an alien god
• A reality-altering advertisement offers celebrities for murder

SL Koch brings you another journey through the bizarre, the absurd, and the uncomfortable. Thirteen short stories of doom metal, dark comedy,
pop culture, cosmic body horror, occult metaphysics, love, desire, and the secret places you find when you peel back the corners of existence.

Now available in paperback and Kindle editions at Amazon!

Liquid Hitler

Liquid Hitler

Austin Peck is a jacked-up super-cop who shot to the top of the precinct at a young age. But Austin’s got a secret: he’s tapped into worlds beyond our reality, driven by psychoactive drugs that allow him to mentally sort through infinite timeline variables, future and past, to solve crimes no one else can.

Except this crime is different: vile qlippothic entities from outside time and space are bleeding pure malevolence into our world, and the conspiracies run deep. Anyone he meets may already be compromised, turned into the servants of dark gods from beyond, and demonic forces lurk everywhere.

Austin will find himself pitted against fellow officers, secret societies, mad cultists, and a growing band of psychotic insta-racists, while dark forces mess with his mind and drudge up the dead-named dysphoria of his childhood.

Luckily he’s got allies: The manifestation of information itself in the form of an urbane accountant, a magic kid who is every kid from every television commercial ever, and the Bombers, a group of hyper-queer anti-fascist anarchists set to burn civilization to the ground.

Along the way he’ll deal with Egyptian gods, psychotic comedians, resurrected celebrities, and legions of demonic creatures from other realities. What price will Austin pay to save the world?

Can you fight Liquid Hitler?

“…genderqueer, Philip K. Dickian, hallucinogen-soaked, techo-noir…this book is nuts, and I mean that in the best way possible. Y’all are sleeping on this thing. Just wasn’t anticipating how much of a mindf***** it was..” ~Danger Slater

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Luminarium Two: Bright Manifest

Luminarium Two: Bright Manifest

Who would you hurt to achieve justice?

  • Former war hero Jenna Ridley, seeking a new rebellion
  • Intergalactic fugitive Trevor McVee, out to avenge his father’s murder
  • Shape-shifting killer Windicott Ames, fearful he’ll never find peace

As their dark paths lead them closer to achieving what they’ve so desperately desired, a peculiar girl with unknown powers becomes key to the completion of their quests. Each must decide how far they’re willing to go—and who they’re willing to hurt—to gain her aid and finish what they started.

The harsh planet of Luminarium — linked to the girl’s origins and maybe even her powers — becomes central to them reaching their final goals, but it also brings them to the edge of an abyss of their own making, one which could solidify their dim fates forever.

The second and final installment in the LUMINARIUM series.

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Luminarium One: Dark Evasion

Luminarium One: Dark Evasion

How far would you go to get what you want?
Pursuing the justice they desire, three desperate people from very different backgrounds find themselves on dark paths of their own making. As their lives become mysteriously intertwined…

» Rogue spy Trevor McVee, dumped on a hostile planet and left to die

» Ex-war hero Jenna Ridley, searching for a new rebellion

» Shape-shifting assassin Windicott Ames, sent to kill a girl whose powers he cannot explain

The strange, harsh planet of Luminarium might hold the key to changing their lives forever, but the closer they get to what they seek, the further they drift from what they need.The LUMINARIUM series explores eternal spiritual themes in a galaxy-spanning future empire straight out of the Golden Age of science fiction. Author Rick Rosenkranz blends faith and science in an exciting and fast-paced romp through a colorful far-flung future.

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