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Tod Foley

Editing | Consulting | Design

Writer, game designer, editor, publisher, and conceptual artist focusing on the art and science of fictional constructs, from traditional  speculative literature to RPGs, LARPs, virtual worlds and generative AI models.

Interactive Worlds & Immersive Obsessions

30 years experience in the development and production of:

  • game rules and settings
  • interactive fiction
  • novels and novellas
  • curated anthologies
  • user manuals and help docs
  • technical writing
  • topical articles
  • design documentation

Editorial Assessment

Structural deep-reading, analysis and consulting regarding the readiness of your content for publication

Editorial Services

Proofreading, Line Editing, Copy Editing, Developmental Editing and Consulting for games and works of fiction

Publishing Services

Preparation of your manuscript for publication in both print and electronic formats

Game Bots

AI systems customized to run your game, or to assist you in brainstorming content for your gameworld.


Concise and comprehensive manuals and guides for your software or group activity

Original Content

Fiction, nonfiction, technical articles, website content and marketing copy for the small and weird

Editorial Credits

  • I Found Bigfoot (Thing12 Games)
  • Hit Me! (Thing12 Games)
  • Puppy Pile (Thing12 Games)
  • Matches (Thing12 Games)
  • Dice of Dragons (Thing12 Games)
  • COREthulhu (John Haremza)
  • Welcome to the Wildlife Wrestling Association (Kurt Aummeuller)
  • The Other Side of the Table (Chromatic Chameleon)
  • Asteria Rising (Chromatic Chameleon)
  • The Mark of Change (Giacomo Vicenzi)
  • Ipseities (assorted authors)
  • Points in Time (David Watkinson)
  • Unjudgable (S L Koch)
  • Fragments 1: Handjobs for Satan (S L Koch)
  • White Out (Kathy Lee)
  • Bright Manifest (Rick Rosenkranz)
  • Dark Evasion (Rick Rosenkranz)
  • UbiquiCity (assorted authors)
  • Living Nightmare (D M Dore)
  • Liquid Hitler (S L Koch)
  • Liar (Chella Faithe)
  • Iptscrae Language Reference (Intel)
  • ThePalace Server Guide (Intel)
  • ThePalace Users Guide (Intel)
  • PIX-Elation (VRASP)
  • IICS LA News (IICS)

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    Tod Foley’s guidance and attention to detail helped me to tell a far better story than I would have without his service.

    Adrian McCauley

    “We will absolutely work with Tod again in our upcoming projects, and can’t recommend him highly enough.”

    Thing12 Games

    “Tod has delivered a complete work in way before the expected time. He’s really professional and his prices are fair.”

    Giacomo Vicenzi

    The Perceiver Perceives, The Filterer Filters

    Our brains are a LOT more interested in filtering out unimportant input than on focusing our attention. We work this way because the amount of data in the actual sensory world is incomprehensibly vast — even the 360 degrees around you right this second — and...

    Description: Less Detailing, More Evoking

    Did you write a scene where your Main Character looks in a mirror and notices details of their own appearance, so you could describe them? STOP IT. The biggest reason that mirror scene is so clearly evidence of a beginning writer is…

    Indented Paras & Grammar Rules

    Want some free editing tips about indents? Here we go! Choose two linebreaks between paragraphs OR indented paragraphs. You don't need both. Use the "Styles" feature instead of tabs to indent. Those tabs are a huge pain for your editor/layup artist to remove.The first...

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