Tod Foley

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I’m Tod Foley, and this is what I do.

I’m a writer, game designer, editor, publisher, and conceptual artist who focuses on the art and science of fiction, from speculative literature to RPGs, LARPs, and virtual worlds. I’m freelance, I’m indie, and I’m genre-agnostic. For 40 years I’ve worked and played in the intersection of narrative and structure, and I’ll be your server this evening.

You might know me from…

My indie RPGs DayTrippers, Watch the World Die, and CORE
My work for Iron Crown, including CyberSpace and assorted modules
My online directory and forum for indie game designers,

My work on Fractopian Fiction and the UbiquiCity series
• My theatrical LARPs Ghosts in the Machine, Mediatrix and World of Ideas
• My Actual Plays on LegendsOfTabletop, MFGCast, and Fandible

…or perhaps somewhere else!

Editing & Publishing Services

for games, fiction, nonfiction & technical writing
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Consultations, Salons & Workshops

I’m available for live events and meetings via online video or chat systems.

Game Design Consultations & Assessments
Game Theory Discussions
GameMastering Workshops

Open Office Hours Online:
6-8 PM Pacific
Tue, Thu, Sat
via Discord

CORE Roundtable, 2 Nov 2021

Games & Supplements

Editing & Publishing