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Shinobi Village Re-released

A narrativist ensemble game about secret ninja drama on a long-forgotten island, written by Joe Jeskiewicz, Jonathan Walton & Tod Foley, with a resolution system based on “Rock-Paper-Scissors.” New re-release for 2022!

Shinobi Village was an entry in Paul Czege’s Threeforged RPG Design Challenge in 2015. The rules of the challenge involve random sets of three designers who work as anonymous baton-racing teams, handing off incomplete designs to unknown teammates, and all rushing to complete three playable games before deadline.

Stage 1 went to Joe Jeskiewicz, who came up with the initial concept for a “Ninja Clan Fishing Village.”

In Stage 2 Jonathan Walton developed the game, adding a brilliantly simple resolution system based on “Rock-Paper-Scissors” and turning it into a comedy-action-romance-anime series.

In Stage 3 I received the design. I worked out the details of the resolution system, added a set of Scene-Framing mechanics, and we were done.

Now cleaned up and laid out for a new 2022 edition!

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