Luminarium Two: Bright Manifest

Who would you hurt to achieve justice?

  • Former war hero Jenna Ridley, seeking a new rebellion
  • Intergalactic fugitive Trevor McVee, out to avenge his father’s murder
  • Shape-shifting killer Windicott Ames, fearful he’ll never find peace

As their dark paths lead them closer to achieving what they’ve so desperately desired, a peculiar girl with unknown powers becomes key to the completion of their quests. Each must decide how far they’re willing to go—and who they’re willing to hurt—to gain her aid and finish what they started.

The harsh planet of Luminarium — linked to the girl’s origins and maybe even her powers — becomes central to them reaching their final goals, but it also brings them to the edge of an abyss of their own making, one which could solidify their dim fates forever.

The second and final installment in the LUMINARIUM series.

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