Tod Foley (that’s me) is a game designer, writer, editor & web developer, founder and proprietor of the interactive development studio As If Productions. He has developed over 100 websites and online environments for e-commerce and entertainment clients, written in-house and end-user documentation for games, digital products and software systems, and served as editor for both fiction and nonfiction publications. That is to say, I have.

Tod (still me) is the author of numerous roleplaying games including Other Borders (2016), DayTrippers (2015), Watch the World Die (2014) and CyberSpace (1989), curator/editor of the UbiquiCity project (2017), designer of the GII Award-winning online World of South Park for Comedy Central and the Ocean Voyager edutainment game for Times-Mirror Magazines, writer/producer of the live interactive theatrical presentation Ghosts In the Machine (CyberArts International, 1992), and Senior Editor of PIX-elation magazine (1993-1996). Tod and I are both fascinated by the application of systems logic to creative challenges and narrative engineering, from roleplaying games and simulated worlds to emergent stories and gamification.

Print Publication Credits

  • CORE Micro (Game Designer/Author) *
  • UbiquiCity: Tales of the Fractopian Future (Author/Editor) *
  • Golden Age Adventures (Game Designer/Author) *
  • Other Borders (Game Designer/Author) *
  • DayTrippers CORE Rules (Game Designer/Author) *
  • DayTrippers GameMasters Guide (Game Designer/Author) *
  • Watch the World Die (Game Designer/Author) *
  • Pocket Things (Game Designer/Author) *
  • Web Page Wizardry (Co-Author)
  • Tricks of the Internet Gurus (Co-Author)
  • CyberSpace (Game Designer/Author)

* Self-Published

Interactive Design Credits

  • The Worlds of Comedy Central (Developer/Producer)
  • KoRn KoRner (Developer)
  • The I Mother Earth Palace (Developer)
  • The World of South Park (Developer/Producer)
  • The Romeo + Juliet Masquerade Ball (Developer)
  • Doomsday (Game Designer)
  • Ocean Voyager (Game Designer)
  • World of Ideas (Author/Producer)
  • Mediatrix (Author/Producer)
  • Ghosts In the Machine (Author/Producer)

Honors & Awards

  • “The World of South Park” – Winner of Ziff-Davis GII Award for Entertainment
  • “Ocean Voyager” – 1994 Silver Medal from the Smithsonian Institute