Plotfields & Plotfield Diagrams

Plotfields & Plotfield Diagrams

A PlotField is comprised of all objects, characters and locations which may interact in a prepared setting. The PlotField Diagram illustrates the relations between them at a glance. The diagram does not define any actual plot, but describes the field from which a plot will emerge.


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This is Fractopia

This is Fractopia is the home base of the Fractopia Podcast: forecasting the facts of tomorrow through the fiction of today. In this series, AIP founder Tod Foley examines current trends and developments in technology and science fiction, in order to create realistic visions of our potential tomorrow. Readers and writers of near-future science fiction will find much to think about in these topical episodes and exclusive interviews.

UbiquiCity Slideshow

UbiquiCity Slideshow

Take a tour of the UbiquiCity anthology in this dynamic slideshow.



Tales of the Fractopian Future

Nine authors collaborate to build a “Smart City” of the first world 100 years in the future, examining the results of projected modern trends such as ubiquitous computing, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, biotech, anti-aging and green technologies – alongside corporate governance and social upheaval.

“UbiquiCity” is a work of interwoven fiction that might turn out to be very real.

It is the dawn of the 22nd century, and in the sprawling metropolis known as “UbiquiCity,” the most wealthy and powerful districts possess all the latest in smart technology, with every building, device and control system connected via the Internet Of Things.

The world is augmented and identity is fluid. Satellite-guided cars drive themselves. Busy drones fill the skies. Cloud-assisted bots perform once-human jobs. Appliances, vehicles, buildings, media devices, products, streetlights, roadsigns and even toilets communicate electronically, all under the watchful eye of the AI CitySystem. For the inhabitants of the UbiComp zones, life is sweet.

But not everyone in the city is so blessed.

Short stories by Niko Carcosa, Antony Copeland, Tod Davies, Tod Foley, DeAnna Knippling, SL Koch, Shariann Lewitt, Adrian McCauley, and T Reynolds paint a picture of a realistic future city where ubiquitous computing is the source of much innovation, renovation and social disruption.

Watch for the GameMaster’s Sourcebook usable with any science fiction roleplaying game, taking you inside the world of UbiquiCity!

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