The Palace Software Manuals

My introduction to the world of ThePalace was as a technical writer; I was contracted by the fledgling start-up in 1996 to write a series of user manuals, and eventually became one of the most prolific world-designers in PalaceSpace. Those manuals are still available and in use today: ThePalace User Manual ThePalace Server Guide ThePalace

Software Development Documentation

Documentation is essential for interactive games and other complex projects. “The goal of the reiterative development approach is to methodically evolve every object in the system – from abstract concept to actual code – as quickly and clearly as possible, without killing, mutating, or forgetting anything.” – AIP Founder/Director Tod Foley When it comes to

Web Page Wizardry

I wrote the parts of this book that dealt with EMBED and OBJECT tags, teaching people how to bring this great new thing called Multimedia into their web pages.  The subtitle is “Wiring Your Site for Sound and Action”. “Readers learn how to create exciting, stunning Web pages by adding full-motion video, animation, sounds, music,


Mediatrix is a LARP presented for the Interactive Fiction SIG of the International Interactive Communications Society in 1994; an allegorical head-trip to a satirical scenario of our internetworked multimedia future. Participants role-play the mighty officers of international industries, wielding globe-spanning power in a warped world of politics, programming, and propaganda (oh yeah — did we

The Art of Ambistructure

14 January 4437: En route to the city of Sanctuary, Blandisford Barter encounters an Elven minstrel on the Bridge at Three Roads Crossing. The RunePlayer introduces himself as Rimsel, and informs Barter that he has been sent by the Council of Deneldor to oversee the halfling’s progress. Unfortunately, some evil priest’s spell bound him to

Tricks of the Internet Gurus

The original blurb stated: “The only book in the market that focuses on tips and techniques that allow the reader to more effectively use the resources of the Internet. — Explains search techniques and the use of kill files to filter information — Features interviews with various Internet leaders — Offers tips, strategies, and techniques