Back in the Before Times, I worked for Iron Crown Enterprises, where I wrote CyberSpace, The SpaceMaster Companion, and a variety of adventure modules for various ICE systems.

Since becoming an Indie Developer in 2014, I release games and supplements under the As If imprint.

The tables in this system-agnostic supplement will assist you in creating a Noir-inspired PlotField for your PC protagonists to get embroiled in. Just roll as Read more
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Monsters, ghosts and demons are all real. You know this, because you kill them. Most people have no idea any of this is going on, Read more
CORE MICRO is a hybrid roleplaying game engine: it uses traditional RPG concepts & narrativist techniques for character-driven emergent story. The design focuses on simplicity, Read more
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The PCs travel to the survey station Perdurabo: a mobile space laboratory in orbit around a stellar black hole. Their mission is to perform a Read more
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