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Back in the Before Times, I worked for Iron Crown Enterprises, where I wrote CyberSpace, The SpaceMaster Companion, and a variety of adventure modules for various ICE systems.

Iron Crown Games & Modules by Tod Foley

Since going Indie in 2014, I release games & fiction under the As If Books imprint.
You can find many of them right here, and many more at DrivethruRPG and Itch.io.

A Character Background Generation System for near-future science fiction campaigns, usable with any cyberpunk or science fiction roleplaying game rules. Read more
A collaborative narrative game allowing any number of players to create their own custom apocalypse. There are no winners, and Read more
A system-agnostic supplement for creating Retro-Horror-inspired PlotFields. Read more
A system-agnostic supplement for creating Noir-inspired PlotFields. Read more
An ensemble game about secret ninja drama, with a resolution system based on “Rock-Paper-Scissors.” Read more
A murder mystery on a mysterious hostile planet in a distant galaxy. Read more
A dangerous science-fiction adventure on a terraformed alien planet. Read more
A Modern-Day Orbital Space Survival Adventure for one Player and one GM. Read more
A tactical adventure of scientific experimentation around a stellar black hole. Read more
A comedic and surreal adventure in a world you may recognize from literature. Read more
A surrealistic science-fiction-horror-investigation-gonzo-comedy-combat adventure with evil clowns. Read more
A DramaSystem game of drugs, money and magic in the modern American southwest. Read more
A CORE world of Far-Flung Posthuman Adventure Read more
A CORE world of Modern-Day Supernatural Monster Hunting Read more
An anthology of 16 roleplaying adventures based on "golden age" stories by famous science fiction writers of the 1930s-50s. Read more
A toolkit for creating surreal sessions that take place in weird worlds and other dimensions. Read more
This simple and unique roleplaying game system fuses traditional concepts & narrativist techniques for character-driven emergent story. Read more
A Surreal Science Fiction Reality-Hopping RPG by Tod Foley Read more


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Looking for a hybrid publisher?
As If Books publishes fiction (mostly of the speculative variety)
and games (mostly of the roleplaying variety).