Watch the World Die

Watch the World Die

Watch the World Die can be used as a standalone game, a solo game, a worldbuilding tool, or a prelude to a post-apoc RPG like Apocalypse World, etc. You can use it as a dark little one-shot, a brainstorming device, or a collaboration game for creating post-apocalyptic settings.

Are you planning a post-apocalyptic campaign? WTWD can help you create a consistent and collaborative background for any post-apocalyptic scenario!

Notes for use with Apocalypse World: When played as a preface to an AW campaign, WTWD assumes the position of “Session Zero”. You do it with the same people who are going to be players in the campaign. It provides an interesting mood-setter or intro/exposition piece and it’s a great icebreaker for RPG newbies. Most importantly, it leaves behind a physical artifact – the timeline of the fall – which can be used as a practical tool by both players and gamemasters. This timeline assists in brainstorming character details which are faithful to the fictional world the group has collaboratively created, and it provides prompts and “common knowledge” for “what’s possible to find out there”.