Fractopian Lifepaths

Fractopian Lifepaths

Fractopia (n.) — A highly-stratified future culture with ambient computing, augmented reality, pervasive AI and robotics, ubiquitous advertising, and green technologies, featuring Universal Basic Income, corporate governance, and massive economic disparity. From the Latin fract(us) (broken, uneven) + Greek topia (place).

Lifepath (n.) – A description of the major events that took place in a character’s life up to the point they enter play. It includes information about social class, young life, and the acquisition of skills.

In generating a random Lifepath for your Fractopian Future character, you’ll move through seven steps: Social Class, Wealth Level, Neighborhood, Education, Social Circles, Aging, and Skill Acquisition.

Alternately you may choose to substitute aspects of your own favorite game system, or use these tables as a guide or supplement to your own post-cyberpunk gameworld.

Compatible with any science fiction or cyberpunk roleplaying game system.