UbiquiCity – Anthology Now Available

Nine authors collaborated to envision a western Smart City 100 years in the future, extrapolating from modern trends such as ubiquitous computing, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, biotech, anti-aging and green technologies – alongside corporate governance and social upheaval. “UbiquiCity” is a work of interwoven fiction that might turn out to be all too real. Available

DayTrippers Merch Now Available

You’ve been through SlipSpace and returned to tell the tale. Let ’em know. Check out the new DayTrippers merchandise at Zazzle! DayTrippers Flexi-Magnet DayTrippers iPhone 7 Tough Phone Case DayTrippers Gel Mousepad DayTrippers 11oz Mug DayTrippers Hooded Sweatshirt DayTrippers Womens Jersey T-Shirt DayTrippers Mens Basic T-Shirt DayTrippers Flat Mousepad DayTrippers Gear Stickers DayTrippers Wall Clock

Dying of Thirst Rules for PbtA Systems

The human body requires roughly 1 liter of water a day to survive. The average person can survive three to five days without water. Our heroes, of course, are not average people, but we don’t want to throw all verisimilitude out the window. Therefore I propose for your consideration: DYING OF THIRST RULES For each

DayTrippers is a Best Seller!

That’s what I get for not paying attention! I’ve always preferred RPGnow to DriveThruRPG. I know they’re the exact same content of course, I just like the color scheme better. But it was called to my attention today that there is one significant difference, and that’s the Sales Metal/Medals. Turns out that your medals are

Project Ubi Enters Development Phase

Have you ever curated an anthology? How about curating an anthology that’s written collaboratively while writing a GM’s sourcebook based on it? Anybody? Beuller? Well, I’m doing it right now, and it’s – uh – it’s a lot. It’s YUGE. But it’s going pretty well so far, and this week I opened up all the

Support the Art of AS IF

Welcome to 2017, and welcome to a new way of supporting the work of As If Productions! Over at Patreon, I’ve divided my projects up into separate pages, allowing Patrons to choose the projects they’re most interested in supporting. Please check ’em out, every bit helps and there’s always lots of work to do! The

Five Or So Questions about “DayTrippers”

I was recently interviewed by The Alternate Brie Sheldon, who asked me Five or So Questions about “DayTrippers” – the surreal science fiction reality-hopping roleplaying game. BS: Tell me a little about DayTrippers. What excites you about it? TF: To answer that, I’ll need to talk about two things: themes and mechanics. This will take