Get ready for the next level of Auteur GameMastering: an infinite variety of surreal science fiction tales are waiting to emerge at your table.

Psychic Content.
Oracular Prep.
Narrative Resolution.
Vertical Control.
High Bleed.

You’ve played like this before, but you’ve never seen rules for it.

Inspired by the surrealistic science fiction of Moebius, Moorcock, Rucker, Weinbaum, Heinlein, Vance, and other masters of weirdness, the DayTrippers system can be used for either “GM-Lite” collaborative play or heavily-prepped campaigns. The DayTrippers GameMasters Guide presents a unique approach to designing and running unforgettably immersive high-bleed adventures in inner and outer space.

The system uses d6s only · Conversion tables included for d20, PbtA and percentage-based systems · Action Resolution is both numeric and interpretive, creating a wide range of dramatic outcomes for every roll. Designed to be used in conjunction with the DayTrippers Core Rules.

DrivethruRPG (Print or PDF) (PDF)
Tabletop Library (PDF)
Indie Press Revolution (PDF)
Open Gaming (PDF)

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