UnNatural 3.0

Today my Playtester patrons are getting version 3.0 of UnNatural – bringing the rules up to CORE 3.0.It’s based on that TV show I’m often talking about. The one with the two brothers? I’m sure you know it. Now you can play it!https://patreon.com/posts/71475614

Indented Paras & Grammar Rules

Want some free editing tips about indents? Here we go! Choose two linebreaks between paragraphs OR indented paragraphs. You don’t need both. Use the “Styles” feature instead of tabs to indent. Those tabs are a huge pain for your editor/layup artist to remove. The first paragraph in a chapter, orRead More

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Just a Thought

“REAL PUBLISHERS PAY YOU, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!” — common lore By “real” they mean “traditional,” as in traditional publishing houses. It’s true that they pay you. But they also take your copyright.