In the late 23rd century, the planet Bogg was discovered quite by accident when a hypershunt failed to reach its intended destination and a group of 3,000 human colonists was stranded there without any means of returning to Earth – a planet they have long since forgotten. Three millennia haveRead More

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What is the CORE RPG System

Come with us into the weeds of CORE History on LegendsOfTabletop, featuring such topics as CORE Design Philosophy, Hybrid Systems, Universal Mechanics, Minimal Scales, Experiential Narrativism, Emergent Story, Psychic Content, Fruitful Voids, Horizontal versus Vertical Control, and more! Legends of Tabletop · 188 – What is the CORE RPG System

Liquid Hitler

Austin Peck is a jacked-up super-cop who shot to the top of the precinct at a young age. But Austin’s got a secret: he’s tapped into worlds beyond our reality, driven by psychoactive drugs that allow him to mentally sort through infinite timeline variables, future and past, to solve crimesRead More

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