I was recently a guest (for the second time!) on one of my favorite podcasts – Fictoplasm – for a discussion with Ralph Lovegrove, who did a great job of making sure I hit all the important bullet points despite my discursive nature. Topics include…

• What is Fractopia?
• Hierarchical vs. Anarchistic Frameworks (DayTrippers vs The Strange)
• DayTrippers, an open-ended, multidimensional system
• Who buys the games? Socialist overtones of the early indie RPGs
• Why Tod isn’t into Cyberpunk
• Snowcrash and postmodernism
• Capitalist realism
• Fractopian principles
• Curated worlds
• Digital and reputation economies
• Fractopia podcast
• Cyberpunk as “what we should avoid”
• 50 things that made the modern economy
• PC Character Sheets, 25 dollars and 5 cubic meters
• Golden Age Adventures
• Where to get it

Listen here:

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