A Surreal Science Fiction Reality-Hopping Roleplaying Game

The time is shortly after the year 2100, the location is the first world. Massive megacorporations dominate the economic landscape and incredible advances in technology make the most miraculous things possible, from genetic modification to medical nanotechnology and microfusion power generators. But the most earth-shaking development of the 21st century is one we’re only beginning to see the ramifications of:

As the 22nd century dawns, the inner and outer realities of SlipSpace are opening up to human exploration in amazing vehicles known as SlipShips.

The bold explorers who pilot these vehicles face a multiverse of physical and psychological dangers to bring back priceless knowledge and powerful artifacts from far-flung dimensions and other times. They’re called DayTrippers… and you’re one of them.

DayTrippers is set in a surrealistic near-future science-fiction multiverse, where an assortment of colorful character classes pilot unique machines into dream worlds and pocket universes to retrieve items of unearthly value and bring them back home. Inspired by the surrealistic fiction of Moebius, Michael Moorcock, Rudy Rucker, Stanley Weinbaum, Jack Vance and other masters of weirdness, DayTrippers is a love letter to weird science fiction in the form of a fast-paced, dramatic, deeply symbolic and highly unpredictable roleplaying game.

The Daytrippers GameMasters Guide is a toolkit for creating surreal sessions that take place in weird worlds and other dimensions. An infinite variety of bizarre experiences can be explored, from “dream worlds” and “alternate earths” to distant planets in our universe and others. A daytrippers campaign is an anthology of one-shots: each adventure is designed to last a single session and return the PCs back to earth. Using this toolkit, the gm takes the players into new and wildly divergent realities every session, blurring the line between subjective and objective reality, and cranking up the weirdness to eleven.

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