The Artifacts of Horror Jam is a vast collaborative project to create a solo tabletop journaling game. In playing the game, you will be investigating mysterious events that have transformed the city into a ghost town. The main prop for this ludic investiogation will be an archive — a collection of artifacts — made by a previous investigator, now mysteriously disappeared.

Each participant in the jam is creating one or more of these artifacts, inspired by a series of omens written by the project creators (mine is the one shown here).

All of the artifact entries, as well as the original omens, will be gathered into book form to make the solo game.

The Artifacts of Horror jam was conceived on The Lost Bay server by Alfred Valley | Archaeomancer/Neonrelic | Christian Platzer | Iko | Goblin Archives | Marx of High Water | Peter Eijk | Philip Jensen | STATIONS and a bunch of other fine folks. You can track the project and learn more here:

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