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Call For Contributors: UbiquiCity Book 2

As If Productions is currently seeking short story writers for a science-fiction/near-future anthology: the second book in the UbiquiCity series. All stories take place within a “Smart City” of the first world 100 years in the future, where ubiquitous computing and augmented reality have become commonplace.


  • This is a guided collaborative project. Authors will be working in a curated setting, using characters and plots of their own devising. Guided by reference materials and the project curator (Tod Foley), authors will intertwine their contributions in interesting and logical ways.
  • Authors are encouraged to make use of crossovers, both in terms of locations and characters, with each other and with previously-existing material.
  • There will be a private email list dedicated to the project.  There may be some online meetings held via Google Hangouts or etc.  Notes will be made available for anyone missing a meeting, and any related questions, details or plot points may be discussed via the email list.
  • Deadline for first drafts will be May 30th.
  • I’ll be looking for stories of around 5,000 words (soft limit), with iconic characters and storylines to inspire gameplay in the setting.
  • Terms: Seeking first world rights in English and exclusive right to publish in print and electronic format for six months after publication date, after which I retain nonexclusive right to continue to publish for the life of the anthology. In addition, your characters will be statted for the GameMaster’s Sourcebook, which is a derivative work.
  • Compensation: A perpetual share of revenue (based on price received) pro-rated by pagecount.
  • Interested authors should send a query and backgrounder to; use “UbiquiCity” in the subject line. If you have a story idea, feel free to pitch it. Writing samples may be linked or attached; science fiction preferred.

Queries are accepted via or using the contact form on this website.
Looking forward to reading your work!

Book 1, UbiquiCity: Tales of the Fractopian Future is now available at Amazon, Smashwords, and DrivethruFiction.

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