An ensemble game about secret ninja drama.

Shinobi Village was an entry in Paul Czege’s Threeforged RPG Design Challenge 2015.

It’s a narrativist ensemble game, with a resolution system based on “Rock-Paper-Scissors.”



The rules of the challenge involve random sets of three designers who work as anonymous baton-racing teams, handing off incomplete designs to unknown teammates, and all rushing to complete three playable games before deadline.

Stage 1 went to Joe Jeskiewicz, who came up with the initial concept for a “Ninja Clan Fishing Village.”

In Stage 2 Jonathan Walton developed the game, adding a brilliantly simple resolution system based on “Rock-Paper-Scissors” and turning it into a comedy-action-romance-anime series.

In Stage 3 I received the design. I worked out the details of the resolution system, added a set of Scene-Framing mechanics, and we were done.

Now cleaned up and laid out for a new 2022 edition, here is what we’d made.

Hope you like it!