FRAGMENTS 1: Handjobs for Satan and Other Weird Tales

THE UNIVERSE IS SHATTERING, mind by mind. Existence is assailed by the horrors of Beyond. Madness is the new Normal. These are the first thirteen Fragments: Stories broken from the pillars of creation. • Fans follow a dead rock star into a world of pure heavy metal • A derelictRead More

Luminarium One: Dark Evasion

How far would you go to get what you want? Pursuing the justice they desire, three desperate people from very different backgrounds find themselves on dark paths of their own making. As their lives become mysteriously intertwined… » Rogue spy Trevor McVee, dumped on a hostile planet and left toRead More

Luminarium Two: Bright Manifest

Who would you hurt to achieve justice? Former war hero Jenna Ridley, seeking a new rebellion Intergalactic fugitive Trevor McVee, out to avenge his father’s murder Shape-shifting killer Windicott Ames, fearful he’ll never find peace As their dark paths lead them closer to achieving what they’ve so desperately desired, aRead More

UbiquiCity 2: UnderCurrents

Beneath the smartglass towers, hovering drones and digital advertisements of Union City’s corporate elite, life on the streets follows its own cyber-organic rhythms… » Powerful corporations fight wars through proxies, and digital reality is the battlefield » Scrumblies and Discons do what it takes to survive in the streets andRead More

Liquid Hitler

Austin Peck is a jacked-up super-cop who shot to the top of the precinct at a young age. But Austin’s got a secret: he’s tapped into worlds beyond our reality, driven by psychoactive drugs that allow him to mentally sort through infinite timeline variables, future and past, to solve crimesRead More


Tales of the Fractopian Future Nine authors collaborate to build a “Smart City” of the first world 100 years in the future, examining the results of projected modern trends such as ubiquitous computing, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, biotech, anti-aging and green technologies – alongside corporate governance and social upheaval. “UbiquiCity”Read More